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To Cloud Or Not To Cloud: A Decision-Making Guide For Local Businesses

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Deciding whether you should migrate your business’s data and IT
infrastructure to the cloud can be a frightening prospect since so much about cloud computing remains mysterious to the uninformed.

Therefore, to make a sound and rational choice regarding whether or not to sign up for a cloud computing service, you should arm yourself with the necessary knowledge.

Let’s run through some questions that might help with your decision-making process regarding whether to cloud or not to cloud. After all, that is indeed the question of the modern business age.

Do You Like Saving Money?

The cost associated with purchasing the necessary hardware and space needed for onsite data management is no small thing. Moreover, the upkeep and maintenance of onsite servers and data centres can be a significant and never-ending headache. What’s more, as equipment gets outdated, it has to be replaced. The costs can add up pretty quickly.

By contrast, cloud computing helps your business do away with all of that. All you have to do is pay a subscription fee to the service provider, and the rest is taken care of. No more having to pay for maintenance, repairs, replacements, or upgrades whatsoever. Ultimately, this almost always works out a lot cheaper.

Are You Seeking Greater Flexibility?

With the modern working world increasingly leaning towards digital nomadism and hybrid working arrangements, having your IT infrastructure locked into a centralised location can be limiting. To truly take advantage of everything that the increasingly wireless and digitalised world of work has to offer, cloud computing is the way to go.

Would You Like A More Collaborative Working Environment?

Old-fashioned ways of managing data flows and IT infrastructure meant that people often ended up working in silos, with interdepartmental and even inter-employee information exchanges limited to emails.

With cloud-based computing, you can facilitate seamless and instant sharing and updating of key project information in real time between employees, teams, and departments. This means that travelling employees or work-from-home team members can have the same access as they would have had at the office.

Do You Want To Grow?

By taking your business to the cloud, you can scale as much as needed. You will simply increase your subscription to suit your needs as you grow. This eminently adjustable option allows you greater freedom to focus on the task of growing your business without having to worry too much about the infrastructure that supports it.

Using a cloud computing service can bring significant value to your business by reducing data storage costs and complexity and by providing superior peace of mind. Speak to us at NetEffects today to learn more about how we can help you migrate your data to the cloud.


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