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Investing in IT: How Local Businesses Are Gaining A Competitive Edge

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As a leading provider of IT consulting on the Gold Coast, we at NetEffects have noted several major trends in IT that the most forward-thinking companies are making a priority. Investing in IT is essential to future-proof your business. Below, we outline some key areas where local businesses are investing in IT, offering a competitive advantage. Detailed discussions on each will follow in the subsequent sections.

Key IT Trends:

  • Cloud Computing
  • Cybersecurity
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) / Machine Learning (ML)
  • Remote Working Integration
  • Let’s take a closer look at each of these trends and explore how you can incorporate them into your business strategy.

Cloud Computing

Businesses that don’t make use of cloud computing set themselves up to be at a disadvantage. Cloud computing enhances collaboration, provides flexibility for nomadic workers or those with work-from-home arrangements, and is a cost-effective way of managing data. It allows easy access to IT infrastructure resources on demand, facilitating a more productive and efficient workforce.


With the increasing digitisation of the business world, cybercriminals are becoming more sophisticated. Robust cybersecurity measures need to be implemented to better protect businesses and reduce the risk of cyber-attacks, ensuring sensitive
data is protected and customer trust is maintained. Failing to keep up with cybersecurity trends can put your company at significant risk.

Internet Of Things (IoT)

IoT connects devices to gather real-time and accurate data, enabling businesses to make better-informed decisions. While not every business may find IoT useful in every aspect, industries like manufacturing, logistics, healthcare, mining, and retail are increasingly using IoT for improved resource and technology management. Businesses that don’t adopt IoT may fall behind in the coming years.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) And Machine Learning (ML)

AI and ML provide automated processes that empower organisations to analyse large datasets, offering swift insights and improved decision-making capabilities. These technologies have applications ranging from chatbots for customer service to
predictive analytics in inventory management. AI and ML even extend to the creative industries for crafting text, images, and videos.

Remote Working Integration

Since COVID-19, the world has embraced remote working more than ever before. Many companies worldwide now offer remote and hybrid working options to attract top talent, enhance efficiencies, and reduce costs. By investing in appropriate IT infrastructure to facilitate remote working, businesses can benefit from tools and
technologies supporting communication, collaboration, and productivity. These include video conferencing tools, project management software, and various other hardware and software supporting remote work.

If you see the benefit of investing more in IT to ensure that your business remains competitive, then contact us at NetEffects today. We offer comprehensive services in IT consulting on the Gold Coast and can ensure that your business remains on the cutting edge technologically.

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