Network Management Services for Business

Network management is a collection of processes and tools that promote network consistency, track network change, and provide up to date network documentation and visibility. By building and maintaining configuration management best-practices, you can expect several benefits such as improved network availability and lower costs.

These include:

  • Lower support costs due to a decrease in reactive support issues
  • Lower network costs due to device, circuit, and user tracking tools and processes that identify unused network components
  • Improved network availability due to a decrease in reactive support costs and improved time to resolve problems

We have seen the following issues resulting from a lack of configuration management:

  • Inability to determine user impact from network changes
  • Increased reactive support issues and lower availability
  • Increased time to resolve problems
  • Higher network costs due to unused network components

As today’s distributed networks continue to grow in both scope and complexity, you are being asked to do more with less resources. You need to continue to meet throughput demand. You need to optimise network efficiency. You need to simplify management and improve visibility. And you need to accomplish it all quickly and cost-effectively. Network management is important to companies because businesses rely heavily on the network to perform communications and process-related tasks.

Neteffects network management team can secure, reducing complexity to improve performance, reliability, and efficiency of your network. All with the convenience that comes from having a single IT partner coordinate all your infrastructure needs.

Network Design

Neteffects can design, specify, supply and install network equipment and commission solutions based on your business requirements. We will scope a requirement with you and select an appropriate piece of equipment from our available range. For design work or network upgrades, an experienced IT consultant will visit the you to get a better understanding of the current network infrastructure and to discuss the deliverable for the proposed changes.

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