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Which Microsoft Products Can Help Your Business Succeed?
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Running your business is a daily challenge, often complicated by technological problems. When there are tech hiccups, problems can mount up. The worst-case scenario is when you can no longer deliver to your client’s expectations.

For more efficient, streamlined software services across the board, consider the Microsoft suite of products to meet your needs. As a Silver Partner, NetEffects’ Microsoft consulting services team has all the skills, experience, and backing to implement solutions your business needs.

Productivity and Collaboration Tools

Microsoft 365

All team members will have access to the same documents at the same time, allowing simultaneous editing in real-time and effective communication. This means no more issues with version history; everyone can access the latest versions. With tools like Microsoft Teams, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, collaboration becomes seamless. Teams can communicate through chat, video calls, and share files effortlessly.

Example: A digital marketing agency utilised Microsoft Teams to streamline their project management. Team members from different locations could collaborate on documents simultaneously, leading to faster project completions and improved client satisfaction.

Cloud-Based Solutions


Physical servers are being phased out worldwide as the trend for cloud-based solutions continues to grow. With Microsoft Azure, you can access your data and apps from anywhere at any time while keeping them fully protected with multiple layers of encryption and other security features. Azure provides scalable cloud storage and computing power, which can be adjusted based on your business needs.

Example: A retail company migrated their inventory management system to Azure, allowing their team to access real-time inventory data from any location. This reduced downtime and improved inventory accuracy.

Business Intelligence and Analytics

Power BI

Need insights into your business’s performance? Look no further than Microsoft’s range of business analytics tools and applications. Power BI offers interactive visualisations and business intelligence capabilities, enabling you to make data-driven decisions. You will have all the information you need to improve decision-making, identify opportunities for growth, and optimise business processes.

Example: A financial services firm used Power BI to analyse customer data, leading to insights that helped them tailor their services better and increase customer retention rates.

Security and Compliance

Microsoft Defender

Cyber crimes aren’t going away, so protecting your data is vital. Microsoft products deliver features like data encryption and access controls to keep your data safe and ensure you are compliant with the relevant data protection regulations. Microsoft Defender provides comprehensive threat protection for your business, ensuring that your data and systems are secure from cyber threats.

Example: A healthcare provider adopted Microsoft Defender to safeguard patient data. With advanced threat detection and response capabilities, they were able to prevent data breaches and comply with health data regulations.

Why Choose a Microsoft Partner Consulting Expert?

Microsoft Partners are equipped with certified professionals who are well-versed in the specialised aspects of the products they recommend to you. With ongoing training and updated knowledge, they are in the best position to offer top advice on the types of products that will work best with your business profile.

You will get the latest knowledge and products customised to your specific needs. Along with that, a Microsoft consulting expert can ensure seamless integration while delivering ongoing support and staff training to help you take full advantage of the products you choose.

Example: A medium-sized law firm partnered with a Microsoft consulting expert to integrate Office 365 and Azure into their operations. The expert provided training sessions for staff, ensuring they could use the new tools efficiently, resulting in improved workflow and client management.

Don’t Let Technology Hold Your SME Back

Contact NetEffects to find out more about how our Microsoft consulting services can help you succeed. Our team is ready to assist with customised solutions that meet your unique business needs, ensuring you stay ahead in a competitive market. Let us help you leverage the full potential of Microsoft products to drive your business forward.


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