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How Cisco consulting serves Can Secure Your Business Against Vulnerabilities

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There are numerous vulnerabilities that your business might be exposed to, and you need protection from them. The team at NetEffects is made up of certified Cisco engineers who are able to provide Cisco consulting services that can help you combat these vulnerabilities and make your business more secure.

Cisco provide a comprehensive security stack to assist in keeping your data out of the wrong hands

At the very edge of your networks we use Cisco FTD firewalls – Arguably the most trusted firewall system available to business worldwide.

Provide secure access to data  Cisco consultants can implement what is known as the Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE), which can help provide more secure access control and policy regimes.

Multifactor Authentication  and access management is provided by Cisco DUO

Email is still the No. 1 Threat Vector . Cisco Secure Email Threat Defence expands the scope of business defenses to detect and rapidly respond to email threats.

Data breaches can be catastrophic, undermining not only your business’s sensitive information but also that of your clients. This can have profound impacts on your reputation and sustainability as a business.

Data breaches typically occur due to inadequate data encryption on your network or computers. To prevent data breaches, a Cisco consulting service provider can implement various encryption solutions, such as Cisco’s Encrypted Traffic Analytics (ETA) and Cisco Umbrella.  Cisco Umbrella has been the single best defence against ransomware exploits that we have seen.

Cisco ETA uses advanced analytics to determine whether certain activities on a network are malicious and can protect encrypted data without deciphering it.


Malware and phishing attacks are popular tools in a hacker’s toolbox, and Cisco can provide adequate protection against these threats thanks to Cisco XDR.

Insider Threats

While most threats to your network come from outside, one potential threat that many companies overlook is caused by unauthorised insider access.

Whether an employee is being malicious or not, Cisco consulting services can help implement a comprehensive security strategy using products like Cisco Umbrella and Cisco StealthWatch to prevent them from accessing sensitive data and systems.

Cisco StealthWatch analyses behaviour to identify unusual patterns and telltale signs of a potential threat coming from within the organisation.

Here at NetEffects, we are certified Cisco partners and can provide expert Cisco consulting services to ensure that your business is protected against an array of vulnerabilities. Contact us today to get your network security up to scratch!


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