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3 IT Issues Gold Coast Businesses Face

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There are a multitude of IT issues that businesses face in 2023. As an IT support company on the Gold Coast, we do everything in our power to ensure that our clients are protected from technological threats and remain up and running so that their businesses can function to the best of their ability.

Here are some of the common IT issues that we routinely assist with: 

1- Cybersecurity 

Cybersecurity has been a point of concern ever since the Internet was invented. However, unprecedented events in recent years, such as the pandemic and other major socio-political disturbances, have caused significantly more cybersecurity concerns than ever before. 

Some of the hacking techniques used by modern-day cybercriminals include social engineering, third-party exposure, taking advantage of configuration mistakes, and poor cyber hygiene, which refers to having things such as unprotected Wi-Fi networks exposed to cybercriminals.

Other issues, such as cloud vulnerabilities, ransomware, and general poor data management, are all part of what can put your company at risk. Importantly, many companies fail to have adequate post-cyber attack procedures, which can further exacerbate problems caused by cyber breaches. 

2- Network Connectivity Issues 

Without a functioning high-speed network, it is impossible for a company to operate properly. Nowadays, being online is an essential part of operating a business, not only to manage remote work capabilities but also to ensure seamless communication with clients, suppliers and other stakeholders, as well as ensuring the company’s ongoing ability to provide online sales and services. 

Slow networks are a common problem for businesses on the Gold Coast, and they can be brought on by a variety of causes. It can result from too much traffic going through the organisational network, which might require an upgrade or a configuration change. 

Another issue is weak Wi-Fi signals, which can be fixed by adding more Wi-Fi extenders and implementing other Wi-Fi signal optimisation best practices. A Wi-Fi network test can help pinpoint problems and resolve connectivity issues. 

Physical connectivity problems can also arise when network cables are damaged or come loose. Excessive CPU usage can also cause slow performance. This can be resolved through updating device drivers, among other fixes. 

Duplicate, static, or exhausted IP addresses are also common problems. Many employees at different businesses often struggle to connect to their printers and other devices. To fix all of these network connectivity issues and keep your company running at its best, you will need the help of an experienced and knowledgeable IT services provider.

3- Data Loss and Backup 

Because data loss sometimes occurs, it is important that backups are in place to ensure the business’s seamless continuity. 

One of the main difficulties companies face is that their data has grown in size, volume and variety, leading to a more complex dataset that can be difficult for older systems to manage. Therefore, it is vital that your recovery and backup systems are matched with the updated needs of your business in terms of data security and reliability. 

Sometimes, human error or malicious attacks are responsible for data loss. Having reliable backup and recovery processes and procedures in place with IT specialists on hand to help in emergencies can mitigate this. That said, it is critical that disaster recovery strategies are in place to ensure business continuity in the case of network failures, power outages, or cyber-attacks.

As a professional IT company, we at NetEffects remain at the forefront of knowledge regarding the latest technological changes and innovations that can ensure backups and data storage are seamless and reliable. 

Whether it’s cloud-based backups, replication, blockchain technology, or the use of artificial intelligence, we know how to maximise the use of modern technology to keep your business going. 

If you are looking for Gold Coast computer solutions from an IT consulting company that you can trust, contact us today.


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