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Working at Neteffects

NetEffects is a leading computer services company based on the Gold Coast.

From this location, over the last 20 years, NetEffects has developed a reputation for providing high-quality consulting services and support to companies around the globe.

To assist us with some recent expansion we are looking for some people to join our team. These positions are full-time and Gold Coast based.

NetEffects focuses on technologies from Microsoft, Cisco, Meraki, Veeam, Trend Micro, and Lenovo/IBM. Education and experience in at least one of these areas will help but more than that we are looking for a person with a passion for a particular field. Whether that is Infrastructure, Cloud, Security, Business Systems, or Service desk we don’t mind -we can build a job description around you.

As an employer, the Neteffects work environment has been the focus of articles in the Gold Coast Bulletin, The Australian, and The American Workplace Magazine.
We pride ourselves on having created a workplace that is enjoyable to be at. Your workday is yours to schedule. We don’t mind where and when you work as it never made sense to us to hire the brightest minds then tell them how to do their job.

NetEffects also pays well above average salaries and provides a generous bonus system as well. If you are exceptional in your field, can provide spectacular customer service, and would like to work in a good environment we want you here.

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